Dallas  Mavericks Wheelchair 


  It's ability, not disability that counts 


The Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks have been in existence since 1972. Originally started as the Dallas Raiders by two Vietnam Veterans, the team changed its name in 1981 under a publicity agreement with the emergent NBA Dallas Mavericks. On a national level the Wheelchair Mavericks are one of the top teams winning the National Wheelchair Basketball Association's Championship for four consecutive years from 1996-97 - 2000-2001 when the association had to change the rules specifically to make competition more equitable for the other teams!!

Internationally, the team has traveled to Japan, Britain, Canada and Mexico in their pursuit of wheelchair basketball excellence and have returned home undefeated from each trip. In 1997, as a result of their NWBA championship, the Mavericks were invited to Madrid, Spain to compete in what is still the only world club championship ever held. In the semi-final game the Mavericks defeated the European Champions, Auxerre from France. In the championship game the Mavericks defeated the host team Fundacion who had, in turn, beaten the Australian champions in the other semi-final. 

The Wheelchair Mavericks roster approximately 12 athletes each year. The cost of fulfilling the competitive requirements of the team are well in excess of $100,000.  The Mavericks are always looking for sponsors who can help the organization fulfill its mission.

In addition to their prowess on the court, the Wheelchair Mavericks' personnel have worked to improve the image of individuals with disabilities in the Metroplex community. From providing educational scholarships at the University of Texas at Arlington, and the Texas Woman's University; to providing speakers and demonstrations that assist the community in understanding the capabilities of the disabled; the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks are working in our community.